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Arvida Labs Inc to Exhibit at The Global CBD Networking Event of the Year - CBD & Hemp Wholesale World

Projected to be the largest cannabis market in the United States, New York is just getting started on its cannabis journey. We're joining forces with top CBD & Hemp businesses and organizations so you can take full advantage of another CBD & Hemp Wholesale World, that runs alongside White Label World Expo NYC, on September 29 & 30 at the Javits Center!

This global event brings together thousands of CBD & Hemp business professionals to gather and source all of the newest products, services and solutions in the ecommerce industry. You will find all the necessary resources to grow your CBD & Hemp business within these two jam packed days!

This year we'll be joined with Arvida Labs to exhibit at our grand event. Be sure to check them out at their Booth #919!

Arvida Labs is a leading manufacturer of rare cannabinoids. Their experienced team with doctorates in pharmaceutical sciences and chemistry have combined their expertise to formulate products using traditional and rare cannabinoid to target the endocannabinoid system to give end users a unique experience versus traditional products with a singular cannabinoid focus.

Using their patent pending processes they have shown the ability to modify the chemical structure of CBD & CBG into the following rare cannabinoids: D8, D9, D10, THCv, THC-O-Acetate, Hexahydroxycannabinol, CBND, CBC, CBN.

Some of these cannabinoids are naturally occurring in small quantities that make it nearly impossible to scale via traditional extraction, distillation, refinement.

Arvida labs has filed for multiple patents on our methods of producing these rare cannabinoids at scale, without the production of unknown isomers, at the highest purity. We are working with leading analytical labs to develop standards for some of these cannabinoids that otherwise do not have existing testing standards.

Eight to ten percent of the adult population in New York State, which has 15.1 million individuals, use CBD & Hemp products. This equates to around 1.5 million consumers throughout the state. There’s no better time to network with companies to learn more about this value than here at CBD & Hemp Wholesale World.

These 2 eventful days will run from 10am to 5pm and registration is FREE so register now!