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Pure Functional To Exhibit At The Global Networking Event Of The Year - White Label World Expo NYC

New York is known to be one of the top entrepreneurial states in the country and we’re joining forces with top businesses and organizations so you can take full advantage of another White Label World Expo NYC on September 29 & 30 at the Javits Center!

This global event brings together thousands of business professionals to gather and source all of the newest products, services and solutions in the eCommerce industry. You will find all the necessary resources to grow your business within these two jam packed days!

This year we will be joined with Pure Functionals to exhibit at our grand event. 

Pure Functionals is a technology driven Health company. It formulates, produces & distributes a hybrid-range of next-generation functional products in the Health & Wellness sector. The business focuses on white label & B2B solutions, functional ingredients, branded products and patented technology.

Enriched by advancements in science and technology Pure Functionals strives to support human health and wellness in our rapidly changing world. It’s one thing to be open to change, it’s another thing to create it. They are on a mission to wake people out of their stupor and bring them back to their true nature. This isn’t an easy mission as it requires educating and inspiring – and not by pointing fingers or complaining. Theirs is an inclusive disruption and they applaud any effort to turn people onto what they believe is a radical shift for humanity: bringing back nature into our health system.

What better opportunity to optimize the best strategies from interacting with groups like Pure Functionals to boost your business than here at White Label World Expo.

These 2 eventful days will run from 10am to 5pm and registration is FREE so register now!